Michael Mortorano

Special Thanks to Michael Mortorano

We at would like to thank Michael Mortorano for donating an undisclosed generous donation to our various charities.

About Michael Mortorano

Picture Michael Jame MortoranoMichael Mortorano is the President of Mortorano Enterprises and KMA (Kessler and Mortorano Associates, Ltd) in New Jersey. Mr. Mortorano is also a proud member of the New Jersey Honor Legion is, International Warehouse Logistics Association, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and Warehousing Education and Research Council

Michael Mortorano has also contributed great time to help fundrasing for St. Joseph's School for the Blind for blind children in Jersey City New Jersey.

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Charity News


Recycle (and Buy Recycled Products)


The success of recycling depends on several things, including efficient collection of recyclable materials, and a continuous demand for those materials to produce recycled products. Consumers play a key role in ensuring that this recycling loop remains strong. Here's how to help.

Reduce the Toxicity of Your Garbage



Household hazardous waste poses a serious health threat to every man, woman, and child in the United States. Safe, responsible use, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances and switching to nontoxic alternatives can help protect people and the environment.

Lessions in Living

Before his diagnosis of desmoplastic small round cell tumor, 12-year-old Stephan Boehme spent most of his time listening to his favorite band, Linkin Park; cheering the Miami Heat NBA team; or goofing off with his siblings and their miniature Schnauzer, Saskia. He still loves those things, but the cancer, chemotherapy and monthly visits to St. Jude have helped him grow into a more sensitive, intuitive person.

Free to Change the World

Freed from the bonds of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) thanks to St. Jude and a generous bone marrow donor, Reena Shah now channels her energy into providing independence for others. She hopes to do that by improving global health—liberating poor and politically disenfranchised people from poverty, disease and oppression. “I know I can’t change the whole system,” she says, “but you can cause a world of change just by helping one person.”