How to Choose A Charity

Ratio of Money Raised and Administrative Costs


How much money raised goes to the works of the charity vs the amount paid to administration and fundraising? Our objective is to recommend charities with 80% or more going toward program goals of charity.  These are important questions.   There are 6 more questions we evaluate here…

Communicate Their Mission

Communication is key. If the organization has difficulty expressing the works it seeks to achieve, look closer and see the truth. Expressing the core values that the charity seeks to achieve is one thing, and following through is another. Measurements and metrics about success rates are hard to express when clear guidelines are not established.

Long and Short Term Goals

Goals that are clearly articulated can measure success. Those without quantifiable goals have trouble. The charity of your choice should have quantifiable and measurable goals clearly stated and readily available.

Road Maps & “You are Here”

The goal is established, the way is planned. Where are they in the process? A clear road map of goals and milestones with established set points are valuable. They show you how close the group is to making the goals it has set.

Sounds good to you….

Do you believe in the cause? Does the plan of action make sense to you, and are you comfortable with the ways that the charity operates and functions? Make sure you see clearly the methods that the charity is using to accomplish its goals. If you are compatible with those core beliefs, that is good. If not, move on.

Can you trust them?

Don’t blindly trust. If you have doubts, check the IRS or state attorney. You can contact the leader of the group and ask the questions. Annual reports are often available. It is well within your rights to ask these kinds of questions to build trust in the charity before you donate.

It is worth a long term relationship?

Ask yourself if you would like to be in a committed relationship with this charity.  Decide if you think you could provide continued support as the charity stays the course delivering on its promise to help the cause. If you agree with the charity’s philosophy and want to partner with them to achieve their goals, then it could be a good long-term fit for you.

Thank you

Thank you for using our site to gather information about which charity to choose.  This site is a free resource.  In an effort to prevent anyone from sending us a contribution directly, we do not provide a mailing address. We are not a charity. We simply recommend charities based on our research. Our goal is to assist you in finding the charities that best suit you. We generally recommend charities with the lowest administrative cost so that more of your money goes to the actual cause.